New ‘Must-Have’ App for Every College Sports Fan

Portion of Sales Goes Back to the University

January 2, 2012.   It’s game day.  You go through your normal pre-game ritual. Your face-paint has once again been applied perfectly.  The game sign is an artistic masterpiece. Your sweatshirt is still warm from the dryer. But, as you begin to message your friends to ask where you’re tailgating… you realize something important is missing.

How can you really showcase your school pride if you don’t have the new TextPride Emoji package?

Introducing TextPride; a new mobile app that allows true college sports fans to customize their text, twitter, Facebook and email messages with dozens of university and images. This unique app, which features over 40 Division 1A colleges, is now available on the App Store or by visiting With the download you will receive one FREE emoticon from the school of your choice, and then are able to upgrade to the full pack for $1.99. In addition, a portion of each sale goes back to the school.

A win-win situation for everyone! Remember: Some Fans Text…True Fans TextPride!

For more information on the TextPride Emoji, please contact Sean O’Brien or Evan Wray at or at (312) 372-1920.

Be true to your school!